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evolve your game




Our experienced team of experts will build, tune, and test your PC as if it were their own.


Our part selection is carefully refined to eliminate confusion and ensure optimal performance at every budget.


Our robust 2-year warranty comes standard and guarantees you peace of mind by ensuring that your investment is safeguarded by us.


For as long as you own your EVOLVE PC our in-house tech support team will always be there to help, because we deliver more than a product--we deliver a promise.


Whether you're the next rising eSports star, an aspiring content creator, or just unwinding after a long day--the HELIX perfectly balances performance and elegance without sacrificing value.

Evolve PCS - Helix Neo Qube Black Case
uniquely yours

Easily configure the HELIX to match your needs and wants both inside and out.



Regardless of the games you want to play or how you want to play them, our streamlined approach guarantees we have the perfect PC for you.


Thanks to the latest advancements in hardware, you can stop worrying about sacrificing performance and focus entirely on making great content for your audience.


From the fastest NVME SSD storage to enough RAM to handle Chrome and a video editor, you'll be equipped to work smarter--not harder.

Construct your dream PC with our intuitive configuration tool.
Curated Components

Curated Components

We don't cut corners unlike some companies and focus on quality over quantity. Our team evaulates every part to ensure you're getting maximum speed, reliability, and compatibility.

Performance Snapshot

Performance Snapshot

We provide performance estimates for popular games so you can meet your FPS goals accordingly.

Deep Personalization

Deep Personalization

Express yourself by choosing part color, custom cables, and even your own design on the case!

Evolve PCs Brand Partners

We work directly with the companies you know and trust, allowing us to maintain the consistent level of quality you deserve.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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David S.
United States United States

Scam don’t even bother

Purchased a PC to be built 3 months ago, and at first for the first few weeks communication was fine. Then they apparently dropped my “PC” during a shipment 4 weeks after purchase and now it has been an additional 7 weeks with no communication back, no communication to get my refund and they are still allowing others to place orders and scamming people. Don’t waste your time go somewhere else

United States United States


I’ve been extremely excited to get my pc, but it has been 6 weeks since I have ordered it and haven’t been notified of it shipping, and when I reached out to support it took a week or 2 for them to get back to me to tell me that orders are 5 weeks out from order date. And it’s past that by almost 2 weeks now. I emailed support again a week ago and haven’t heard anything. I just feel a little mislead because it said ships in 2-5 days and I spent $2551 on it and have been stressing about it. But regardless I’m excited to finally get it and I do like the company in general. I can’t wait to get it?

United States United States

Outstanding Service

I exchanged a NUMBER of emails with Evolve trying to get help with a build that fit my budget and performance needs. Even though this was happening around the holidays, their responses were quick, thorough and helpful. I wasn't 100% I was going to buy, but the pre-sale service I received was outstanding and gave me the comfort to move forward. The machine itself arrived much sooner than expected and delivers and amazing bang for the buck. I'm extremely satisfied.

Bernie O.
United States United States


Purchased for my son who was using my old hand-me down pc and he absolutely loves it. I am still using a pc bought 2+ years ago from Evolve and it is still going strong. I have no doubt my son will enjoy his for some time to come.

John A.
United States United States

Fan Noise

The PC it’s self is awesome but I’ve only had it hooked up and been using it for less than two weeks and the fans are already starting to make a bit of noise while I’m playing. If this can be corrected please let me know. Thank You.


Evolve PCs

Glad you're enjoying your PC John, we've sent you an email so we can get your fan issue solved. Thanks for letting us know!


Absolute Amazing Work

This review is going to be precise. It will contain all the information needed to give you the neccessary information you need. 1. Efficiency - My build isn’t the most complex build, but what I can say for sure is the time management and speed is something they prioritize. 2. The professionalism and attention to detail is just awesome. the cable management and spacing of everything is neat and concise. 3. The pc was ready out of the gate. RAM is already overclocked, and the pc is optimized of the start. Overall, no complaints.

United States United States

Best PC Shopping and Building Experience

If I could give this company a 10/10 I would but I'll list 5 reasons why this is the best company to purchase a new PC from and why you shouldn't consider anywhere else! 1. The best customer service bar none. The team is really wholesome and authentically genuine. From the moment you meet them to when you're ready for checkout, you know you're working the industry's best and most professional an individual could ever witness. They're chill, laid back, honest and have a sense of humor, no better group of people I'd rather trust or spend my money with when evolving my PC. (pun intended lol ) 2. The peace of mind and level of convenience is out of this world. Whether you need your computer repaired/built ASAP Rocky, shipped to you or the option to pick it up in person, Evolve has you covered. The team is dedicated to providing the customer various pick-up/delivery options, tons of customization and uniqueness that cater to all forms of enthusiasts, and best of all their customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 3. Like Allstate, you're in good hands. They have complementary and extended warranty options should something unexpected or unintended were to occur with your build. You know for a fact that if you run into an issue, they're here for you and will get you taken care of for sure! Knowing that fact alone, keeps me coming back as a happily recurring customer and inspires me to spread the word for other PC owners out there to share the same experience as well. 4. Every challenge or problem presented, Evolve has a solution. Whether it be budget, price to performance, an all out monstrous rig, an upgrade or a sweet deal, Evolve has your back! There's not one person including myself that I've been able to recommend Evolve to and were unable to get their needs, wants and/or demands met. They offer various recommended suggestions, inquire about your tastes, ask great questions and cater the best solution for your budget or what your heart desires. Evolve is the way to go when it comes to PC building, and it's safe to say that they're doing it like no other. They're just better! 5. Finally, I gotta give a special shout-out to leader of the crew, the one responsible for it all, the CEO himself: Triplewreck! He's one of the most humble and chillest people I've ever met. Really laid back, reasonable, easy to talk to and nothing short of friendly. An awesome dude and a leader at his finest, he runs an amazing crew and I'm excited to see the future ahead for them all. From now on, I know who to reach out to when it comes to PC building or regular upgrades/maintenance, and I hope whoever's reading this does too!

Evolve PCs HELIX Review
A Evolve PCs Customer
United States United States

Gaming Performance + Design Quality

I honestly have to say that the Apex build has to be the best gaming PC that I've ever owned. The performance, build quality, attention to detail with the cable management, customization options with lighting and the glass engraving with my branding is just quality. Customer Support + Community Customer and technical support on discord has been excellent as I encountered an issue with a Windows 11 upgrade and that was resolved quickly. Support never misses a beat and answered all of my questions. Another selling point was the accessibility with the Evolve team on discord and the community... I highly recommend a Evolve PC build.

Evolve PCs HELIX Review